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Maundy Thursday

Tonight at 7:00 @ LWF | We participate in a service of foot washing, remembering the night before Jesus’ crucifixion.

Good Friday Service

Easter Vigil Service

Sonrise Service

Resurrection Sunday Service



This month, I will be brief on thoughts about the Resurrection, and maybe it seems the very last point about which I (or anyone) ought to be brief, since it is the culmination of the entire Gospel that we preach, and certainly we could exhaust the Biblical text endlessly in search of minute nodes of truth and understanding, but the beauty of the Gospel message is that, while can certainly do the above, we can also approach it with the mind and attitude of a child. It can be understood without pomp and fanfare, without circuitous rambling (like I'm doing now) or looping dialogues, even though those are fun. For all our complexities and limited understandings, I can think of nothing more profound to say about the sum totality of Scripture as this:

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Know you are loved, dear friends, by the very originator of love itself. Know that He provided the pure, ultimate, and final sacrifice, not simply for mankind as a whole, but because He looked through all the eons of time and saw you, and was unwilling that you should perish without the invitation to let Him cover your sins in His righteousness.



(other than your Bible, obviously)

God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?


John Lennox

You probably know what a fan of John Lennox I am, a wonderful Christian apologist (my favorite, actually, a jolly Irishman, just to make it better, and one who helped me in my homecoming to my faith some years ago. He currently occupies a position in mathematics at Cambridge University. Lennox was the first westerner allowed behind the Iron Curtain prior to the fall of the Soviet Union and played a role in its demise through the preaching of the Word. He has appeared on Eric Mataxas' Socrates & the City (link below) and I highly recommend a watch-through. In God's Undertaker, Lennox tackles the misconceived divide between science and faith. It's philosophical but still very accessible. If you like his work, I likewise recommend his study of the book of Daniel, Against the Flow (Elizabeth and I did a personal study of the book through our Scripture reading of Daniel), or frankly anything else this man writes or speaks about.


“It is rather ironical that in the sixteenth century some people resisted advances in science because they seemed to threaten belief in God; whereas in the twentieth century scientific ideas of a beginning have been resisted because they threatened to increase the plausibility of belief in God.”

― John C. Lennox, God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?



4/21 | Secret Church

Jonah is one of the best known books of the Bible. But beyond the fascinating story of a fish swallowing a man, you will find the challenging account of God’s most unwilling prophet and how, more often than not, we, like Jonah, choose our own comfort over God’s mission. But Jesus shows us a better way. Together we will learn how the gospel drives us to make disciples, not just of people who look and think like us—but of all nations, even those we would consider our enemies. Join us on April 21 for a one-night, intensive Bible study walking through the book of Jonah, learning about the urgent spiritual and physical needs in Iran, and praying for the persecuted church around the world. Why The Book Of Jonah? Why are we diving into the book of Jonah this year at Secret Church? Because Jonah is a book that is shockingly relevant to our lives and the world today. It’s a penetrating look into our own hearts that leads to a life-changing perspective on the world around us.

4/27 | Church Painting Day!

Until next time! God go with you, brothers and sisters in Christ.


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